Strategic Planning

Using detailed questionnaires and in-depth interviews with key people in your organization, we first assist you with defining your project to best meet your business goals and objectives.

Market Research & Analysis

Sophisticated technology and strong personal contacts drives the Bailes & Associates, Inc. research and analysis process.

Site Selection

Once you’ve targeted certain markets, we develop a detailed survey of available space – direct lease, sublease or for purchase that can meet your particular requirements.

Financial Analysis

A Bailes & Associates, Inc. RFP asks for explicit information: lease term, effective rental rate, usable versus rentable space, HVAC operation costs, expansion, parking, security, after-hours use and other items of importance to you. Still, no two proposals are alike.


We are zealous negotiators. We come to the table meticulously informed and practiced in the art of negotiation. Our only agenda is to assure that our clients achieve the best possible terms.

Project Management

Most facilities need some renovation before a new occupant moves in. Some need a total makeover. Every project, however, requires a manager to consult and coordinate the schedule and to direct the efforts of architects, contractors and vendors.